Partners and Distributors

Pharmaxis selectively partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to further our clinical endeavours and business aims.


Our partners are:


In May 2015 Boehringer Ingelheim acquired  the Pharmaxis phase 1 investigational drug BI 1467335 (formerly known as PXS-4728A) to develop it for the treatment of the liver-related condition NASH. Read more. In September 2017 Boehringer announced that it was also developing BI 1467335 for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Read more.


In December 2014 Pharmaxis and Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA entered into an exclusive distribution and supply agreement for the commercialisation of Bronchitol® (mannitol) in the United States. Chiesi funded US$22 million of the cost of the phase 3 clinical trial of Bronchitol. Read more. In May 2015 Pharmaxis and Chiesi entered into an exclusive distribution and supply agreement for the distribution of Bronchitol in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland. Read more. In May 2017 the agreement was extended to include Italy. Read more.
Synairgen In August 2015 Pharmaxis  and UK biotechnology company Synairgen plc entered into a research collaboration to develop a selective inhibitor to the lysyl oxidase type 2 enzyme (LOXL2) to treat the fatal lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Read more.


Our global network of distributors provide logistical support services for our approved products in world markets. For more information on our distributors please see: