LOX platform technology: LOX / LOXL2 inhibitors for multiple indications

There is significant interest among leading clinicians and pharmaceutical companies in the inhibition of LOX and LOXL2 to reduce fibrosis in a number of different diseases. Pharmaxis’ amine oxidase platform enables the synthesis of inhibitors with different pharmacological and pharmacokinetic profiles. The Company has developed first-in-class, mechanism-based small molecules that inhibits Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) and Lysyl Oxidase Like 2 (LOXL-2) for the treatment of fibrotic diseases and some cancers, including:

  • Selective LOXL2 inhibitor: NASH, liver, IPF, heart and kidney fibrosis (developed in collaboration with Synairgen)

Lead compounds with differentiated PK / PD profile have been identified and have demonstrated efficacy in pre clinical models of fibrosis and cancer, have completed preclinical tox studies and are currently in phase 1 clinical trials. The LOXL2 program has been conducted in collaboration with UK biotechnology company Synairgen plc (LSE: SNG)

  • LOX: scaring and cancer

A lead compound has been identified that demonstrated efficacy in preclinical models of scarring and cancer. Further efficacy studies in these diseases are underway together with preclinical tox studies so that the compound may proceed into phase 1 clinical trials within the next 12 months.