Other Amine Oxidase Inhibitor Programs

Pharmaxis’ amine oxidase platform enables the synthesis of inhibitors with different pharmacological and pharmacokinetic profiles. In addition to the SSAO, LOXL2 and LOX Systemic inhibitors described above, the Company is currently pursuing additional opportunities in its amine oxidase platform including:


LOX Topical Inhibitor - scarring

Pharmaxis is developing a topical drug inhibiting all lysyl oxidase family members with potential anti-fibrotic application in severe fibrotic related scarring indications such as burns.

SSAO/MPO Inhibitor – respiratory inflammation, cardiovascular inflammation and inflammatory bowel diseases

Pharmaxis has developed a dual SSAO and myeloperoxidase (MPO) inhibitor that has the potential to enhance the SSAO inhibition efficacy through enhanced chemistry to target the additional myloperoxidase (MPO) pathway.

A lead candidate has been identified that demonstrates efficacy in several preclinical models of inflammation. Further efficacy studies are underway together with preclinical tox studies so that the compound may be assessed for progression into phase 1 clinical trials within the next 12 months.