News Feeds

News Feeds

Want to be amongst the first to know about Pharmaxis news? Then why not subscribe to one of our many news feeds? Click a link in the list on the left to subscribe.  The "Best of Pharmaxis News" includes all news feeds except for "ASX Announcements".

News feeds are a great way to stay informed about the latest news from your favourite web sites. More information about News feeds can be found further down this page.

If your web browser doesn't support News feeds you may need to copy the location of the feed and paste it into your chosen reader, see News Readers below.

More Information about News Feeds

News feeds are often referred to as RSS feeds. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is basically a way of reading news articles, blog posts or important information out side of the web site it originates from.

The distinctive orange feed icon ( ) can be found all over the Internet.

For technical information about RSS, you could visit this Wikipedia page.

News Readers

There are many different ways you can read the content of RSS feeds, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader, inside your Web Browser and even on your mobile device.