COVID-19: Information for People Using Bronchitol

Bronchitol is manufactured by Pharmaxis in our factory in Sydney Australia. In countries outside of Australia it is supplied to pharmacies by exclusive local distributors and their wholesaler network. Within Australia Bronchitol is supplied direct to pharmacies from our manufacturing facility. Pharmaxis and its distributors hold a number of months of Bronchitol stock (typically more than three months) and our manufacturing facility is still fully operational. We are taking a series of measures to ensure our staff remain safe, our facility continues to produce Bronchitol and we maintain our distributors’ stock levels. While the current situation is unprecedented in recent history and therefore new challenges present regularly, Pharmaxis will continue to make those who rely on Bronchitol its highest priority.

For specific enquiries on the availability of Bronchitol in your country please contact your local distributor.