Pharmaxis "Best in Class" LOXL2 Program Attracts Strong Pharma Interest as it Enters Final Stages of Phase 1 Trials

14th Jun 18

Release Date: 14/06/2018 8:57am

Pharmaceutical research company Pharmaxis (ASX: PXS) has briefed potential partners attending the BIO18 partnering conference in Boston on data emerging from the phase 1 clinical studies of its anti-fibrotic LOXL2 inhibitor program which have demonstrated a best in class profile.

  • First stage of phase 1 studies demonstrate a best in class profile for lysyl oxidase like 2 (LOXL2) inhibitors with two compounds achieving significant and long lasting inhibition of LOXL2 enzyme after a single oral dose.
  • Final stages of phase 1 studies and phase 2 enabling toxicity studies are due to complete in Q3 2018.
  • Pharmaxis conducts multiple partnering discussions with multinational Pharma companies at BIO 2018.

Pharmaxis CEO Gary Phillips said, “The data package being reviewed by several multinational pharmaceutical companies under confidentiality agreements is now maturing rapidly as we see the final data being generated by ongoing pre-clinical and clinical studies. There are a number of key features which have contributed to an increase in the already strong interest amongst these companies. As research into predictive in vivo animal models for anti-fibrotic diseases such as NASH and IPF and their biomarkers continue, our newly developed proprietary test to measure the levels of active LOXL2 in human blood has shown we have a best in class LOXL2 inhibitor. Other LOXL2 drug programs have either shown no enzyme inhibition in humans at all or only short-lived inhibition, however both our drugs deliver high levels of inhibition for a full 24 hours from a single daily dose. This finding plus the reassuring safety profile in Phase 1 trials and toxicity studies are key to the overall positive engagement with Pharma that we expect will lead to commercial partnering discussions later this year.”

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