Other Amine Oxidase Inhibitor Programs

Pharmaxis’ amine oxidase platform enables the synthesis of inhibitors with different pharmacological and pharmacokinetic profiles. In addition to the SSAO, LOXL2 and pan-LOX inhibitors described above, the Company is currently pursuing additional opportunities in its amine oxidase platform including:


Dual action SSAO/MAOB inhibitor

Pharmaxis has developed a dual SSAO and monoamine oxidase-B (MAO-B) inhibitor that has the potential to enhance the SSAO inhibition efficacy through enhanced chemistry to target the additional MAO-B pathway.

Pharmaxis investigated the utility of its compound PXS‐4699 for the treatment of the genetic disorder Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The work was supported with matching funds from the Biomedical Translation Bridge,
administered by MTPConnect. Based on results received from a
preclinical model where the compound did not achieve the expected outcome, the indication is not being further pursued.

SSAO/MPO Inhibitor – inflammation

Pharmaxis has developed an anti inflammatory drug that has the potential to amplify the effect of SSAO inhibition on inflammation through enhanced chemistry to target the additional myloperoxidase (MPO) pathway.

A lead candidate has been identified that demonstrates efficacy in several preclinical models of inflammation. Preclinical tox studies are now completed so that the compound is capable of progression into phase 1 clinical trials. No further development is planned at this stage.