Pharmaxis has two respiratory products approved in various world markets.

Bronchitol® for cystic fibrosis has been the subject of three large scale clinical trials and is approved and marketed in Europe, Russia and Australia. The third clinical trial aiming to secure approval for Bronchitol in the United States reported in June 2017 and was primarily funded by our US partner Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA .

Aridol® for the diagnosis and assessment of asthma is approved and marketed in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Bronchitol and Aridol are manufactured in Australia by Pharmaxis.


Bronchitol is approved for the treatment of certain patients with cystic fibrosis to help them clear mucus from their lungs.

Bronchitol is dry powder mannitol which is inhaled twice daily using a small handheld device. Bronchitol works by rehydrating the airway/lung surface and promoting a productive cough. Clinical trials have shown that Bronchitol helps to increase mucus clearance, and improve the lung function and the quality of life of people living with cystic fibrosis.

Bronchitol is an Australian discovered and developed product which was approved in Australia in February 2011, in the European Union in April 2012 and in Russia in September 2016.



 Aridol is a bronchial challenge test used to assist in the diagnosis and management of asthma.

Aridol is a test kit containing capsules filled with dry powder mannitol in increasing doses which are delivered using a small handheld inhaler. A respiratory scientist or technician measures the subject’s lung function to identify airway inflammation which can assist doctors in providing appropriate asthma treatment.


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