Amine Oxidase Platform

There is significant interest among leading clinicians and pharmaceutical companies in inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. Pharmaxis’ amine oxidase platform enables the synthesis of inhibitors with different pharmacological and pharmacokinetic profiles to potentially treat a number of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

The inhibition of amine oxidase based enzymes has broad potential applications.

While Pharmaxis’ primary focus is the development of PXS-5505 for myelofibrosis, the drug also has potential in several other cancers including liver and pancreatic cancers where it aims to breakdown the fibrotic tissue in the tumour and enhance the effect of existing chemotherapy.

Other drugs in development include:

  • PXS-5382 (LOXL2 inhibitor) – anti fibrotic drug for IPF, CKD, NASH
  • PXS-6302 (topical pan LOX inhibitor) - anti fibrotic drug for skin scarring including burns, established scars, and keloids
  • PXS-4728 (SSAO inhibitor) - anti inflammatory drug being evaluated for neuro inflammatory diseases iRDB and Parkinson's disease.
  • PXS-4699 (dual SSAO/MAOB inhibitor) – anti inflammatory drug 
  • PXS-5370 (dual SSAO/MPO inhibitor) - anti inflammatory drug for multiple indications.