Welcome to Pharmaxis

Pharmaxis is a specialist pharmaceutical company that researches, develops and commercialises new therapies for undertreated respiratory diseases.

Founded on an Australian discovery, Pharmaxis' products are now available worldwide.

Company Highlights

Pharmaxis announces SSAO/VAP-1 inhibitor ready for the clinic

Pharmaxis has completed preclinical development of its SSAO/VAP-1 Inhibitor (PXS4728A) and is ready to commence human clinical phase I studies in Q1 2015 .

Phase 3 clinical trial in cystic fibrosis begins

Pharmaxis has enrolled the first subject in its international clinical trial evaluating Bronchitol® in adults with cystic fibrosis (CF303).

New data analysis from B305 clinical trial presented at ERS

A positive new data analysis from Pharmaxis' large scale study of Bronchitol in patients with bronchiectasis (B305) is being presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) meeting.

Pharmaxis presents new analyses of pooled cystic fibrosis data at European meeting

Pharmaxis has presented new analyses from the pooled data of its two large scale phase 3 studies in cystic fibrosis.