Company Overview

Pharmaxis is an Australian pharmaceutical research company with a portfolio including two respiratory products (Bronchitol and Aridol)  in various world markets and a research pipeline focused on areas of high unmet clinical need.

Pharmaxis is working towards approval of its cystic fibrosis drug Bronchitol in the United States and has partnered with Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA to reduce overall investment while retaining a key stake in the future commercial success of Bronchitol in global markets.

In parallel, Pharmaxis is using its expertise in amine oxidase inhibitors to develop a pipeline of drug candidates for the treatment of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

In May 2015 Pharmaxis demonstrated the value of this product pipeline with the announcement of the sale of phase 1 drug PXS4728A to pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim for A$40 million in up-front payments and total potential deal value in excess of A$750 million. PXS4728A is being developed for the liver condition NASH where innovative approaches to treatments are being sought.

Further detail of the Pharmaxis product pipeline is available here.

In order to maximise the number of new drugs developed from the Company’s amine oxidase chemistry platform Pharmaxis enters into beneficial research collaborations. The first such collaboration was announced in August 2015 and links Pharmaxis with UK biotech company Synairgen in the development of a new drug for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Pharmaxis’ business strategy is to bring drug candidates to phase 1 or phase 2 of clinical development before seeking a commercial partner.  The timing of partnerships is determined on a project by project basis.

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